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  1. when da buff man gives up on buffin
  2. I think the first guy is Afekt
  3. I caught that Jaber A long time ago but forgot about it. I wish someone would upload some pics of all that nice shiet on Yosemite next to the Autozone
  4. I had got some flicks but they are blurry so I'll get some more but this one came out nice http://i.imgur.com/c9z6mIs.jpg They destroyed the burnt down house.
  5. http://i.imgur.com/IMdqy9G.jpg A flix of Bars. Yep. I dont fully understand how to upload from url. so hers a link. So ya in my youth service they were showing a promo and this came up. Ima try to get more flicks this weekend when I get the chance. Theres been some new shiet running through town but Like no one is getting flicks. so I hope this sparks some light in this thread. :) heres a link to the vid ----> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wACDaRoYQ0&feature=c4-overview&list=UU51UXno44y7Z0c-eT4wXYTA
  6. Im am going to leave but before I go. You are prob the stubbornest nigga I have met. and Inb4 you say some shiet on how that its not stubbornest its blah blah blah:cool:
  7. Well like you said they post in a pattern. Maybe the robots clocked out
  8. I only jumped in cause I have been bored as fuck. Im not the one accusing people of being part of the government Just cause someone had joined a convo. BUT I do see your side of view. Yes it is strange. Im not saying your making it up. All Im saying how I am NSA Cause I had answer to the question :What does that mean and why are you picking on me"
  10. Just cause I had recently joined and have 2 post means I work with NSA? Also because I hadn't had the time to catch flicks means Im NSA? Also cause I made a reply within 2 min Cause im trying to adjust to the Time on 120z cause I am from West Coast and the websites time is a different time zone I am NSA? Dude you are a fucking genius!!!! Maybe everyone is the NSA. IDUNNO!
  11. He is saying you work for the NSA- National Security Association. Cause they be watching and looking and spying like dumbfucks on everyone privacy:mad: Like BillySexcrime was saying you guys are everywhere aren't you. Like NSA But he's just jelly cause he doesn't have anymore flicks
  12. Lets gets this thread running again. :D
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