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  1. Ever feel like social media destroyed the internet forum?
  2. I turn up every once in awhile, especially quarantined
  3. I just wanted to skate--pussies are hiding, and the skate park is locked down. Can we hurry up and die already?
  4. I make cryptic images from emojis on Instagram, this one i made for a zine of panoramic images of public restrooms.
  5. This man FO'REEL? I thought that was common knowledge, maybe that was before the new forum?
  6. I was literally in Nize Guyz before i left to have a solo career , which was very successful.
  7. WOW, found a group picture of you gang---IDK if an aerosol art simulator is right for you bunch. Might be different black books we'd be trading, you know what i mean? I mean, not in a bad way, cause i mean you guys are probably pretty nize guyz and all. Excuse the typo, just trying to be casual LOL you know what i mean!
  8. I'll assume you guys are gang members and thats cool, you can call it graffiti--I just prefer to call it art, at least my college professor and I do. Its a much more sophisticated perspective on aerosol art. You guys should check that site out, its pretty wild right now. ALOT of true all city KINGS on there! Not for the faint of heart, thats for sure! Oh boy, know what i mean? LOL I knoe you gang do. I dont mean that in a degrading way, gangs are cool in my book. Hope one day i'll meet up with you guys and you can hit my blackbook.
  9. Hey guys, Its very cool to find an online community that is completely passionate about aerosol art (Graffiti is for gangs and immature kids). I wanted to let you guys know about this crazy graffiti website for creating online graffiti. Its totally safe, no running from the cops like a criminal! I think you guys will love it, the guys that are on the site are very passionate about making art. I know the site has graffiti in the title, but its totally not what you think because there ins't anything that is gang related. I mean, if you're into that, thats cool. I just dont want to get caught up in the sauce, you know what i mean? I mean, like YOLO and everything, but seriously, who doesn't want to goto a good college and get a good job? It'd be stupid to throw it all away when you could make art the right way, you know what i mean? I mean, i think i've said alot, but i mean, check it out. Its sweet, you gang will love it! PS: NOT A COP https://graffiti-unlimited.com/
  10. Just picked up an XA a couple of weeks ago. This thing just eats up film, i love this little camera!
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