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  1. not feelin it but he had 5+ votes so.. Hell I just want a new word already.. @119er sick S on the one liner btw...Just my opinion fuck me lets just move along
  2. Dont wanna overstep my boundaries here but I think pinche has got this one.. if no one objects I think he should choose the next word & keep it movin..
  3. Dark hobo gets my vote...lets vote guys and get another word goin...
  4. 7 days and no entries?? wheres the people at? peace to those who have better stuff goin on than internet battles
  5. Goin with albert on this one..@ yea yup I didn't direct that at you personally every entry was hot on this imo
  6. So apparent was my arrogance So the air begins To share the scents comparison I wear again nowhere again.... Untitled-Phfabels Won
  7. funny how a little beef drives people to bring there A game.... I cant get photobucket to work tonight as soon as it does ill post mine...@grungelife try spacing your letters out just a bit, dont overlap them quite as much..
  8. sorry yall that's just my opinion sorry it was so harshly received...
  9. massgraff gmv.. I don't really like lower case A's but you got it on this one fresh shit bro
  10. Damn everything is so bland...goin with 119er cause at least its original...I kinda like yay yups but its just a bunch of plain letters close together not much originality.. if you break down each letter individually its really not that special
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