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  1. I've been trying to understand why some people end their bars the way the guy is painting in the video. I thought you were supposed to just use regular rectangular consistently sized bars. Is there some mathematical scientific psychedelic funky fresh formula I'm missing out on? I'm trying to understand


    gonna use torch as an example too, not trying to hate


  2. Isn't there already a dez? The dezzy dez?

    Keep your bars consistent. And try to keep your letters the same size and with all meeting on the same baseline. I like the throwie. Keep painting, you'll get better can control and it'll be less shaky and choppy

  3. Hey uhm i used Acrylic pant for fill's on most and acrylic paint markers but i just need tips and crits and i cant tie that top of the i like the dot to my I's ANd it is annoying me [img ]http://gyazo.com/8f44c72bc4fea12b4f844cdbc0f73315.png[/img]

    It isnt finished so thats why the Dot on the I isnt on any of them but these are jsut maths class sketch's,

    [img ]http://gyazo.com/47ad73a4efb5f76d26eff5d34d29a789.png[/img]

    [img ]http://gyazo.com/318c4890ff8e4ad7c34b621c8251b009.png[/img]

    ^^ lol jsut a simple practice doodle i jsut painted and posted to show you hwo i practice i used

    Walid Jumblat's method

    Crits please

    Oh and the Arrow isnt in my tag:P


    Alright, so you might wanna drop the arrows for now, or find some better places to put them. The R is okay in the first one, and the O is nice, simple, and clean in the last one. Maybe stick with keyboard letters for now, and also draw a line to have the bottoms of the letters all rest on so they aren't all over the place. Work on the 3D too. That's my two cents. Stay funky man icon-facebook.png

  4. Kids and adults alike, listen to me: Do NOT fuck with those hard drugs. Meth will fuck you hard. They all say they won't get addicted... They do. Just don't even start. Run from the cops for adrenaline if you wanna get a high at least. Better that than fucking glass

  5. That shit's gonna kill you dude. Quit while you still have a chance.




    I can't quit the Cap'n, man. It just rips up the roof of my mouth... but the peanut butter kind... It's so worth it... So beautiful...

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