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  1. bowlofglasscereal


    Hey anyone know of any midwest graff events going down? I know Paint Louis is happening right now, but I'm a little broke to be making the trip. Any others? Or websites I can find out at?
  2. bowlofglasscereal

    the TOY paint thread...

    If a belly approached you, don't tell me you wouldn't do it too.
  3. bowlofglasscereal

    the TOY paint thread...

    Messing around with body paint of the first time
  4. bowlofglasscereal

    Toys post here...

    This one was iffy
  5. bowlofglasscereal

    Toys post here...

    Been a while, enjoy the crotch shots. :p Disregard typos i somehow missed will drawing Could have done without the extra bars on the P,A, and V..
  6. bowlofglasscereal


  7. bowlofglasscereal

    Rusto Fat Cap - $1 Can?

    It's like fat lines of color place
  8. bowlofglasscereal

    Why are my letters obese

    Take the baww thread to /r9k/, r0kr >>>>>>>>>>>>>
  9. bowlofglasscereal

    Throw Up battles!!!

    i guess you could say i was a little too.. edgy huehuehue
  10. bowlofglasscereal

    Toys post here...

    I've been trying to understand why some people end their bars the way the guy is painting in the video. I thought you were supposed to just use regular rectangular consistently sized bars. Is there some mathematical scientific psychedelic funky fresh formula I'm missing out on? I'm trying to understand gonna use torch as an example too, not trying to hate
  11. bowlofglasscereal


  12. bowlofglasscereal

    the TOY paint thread...

    Isn't there already a dez? The dezzy dez? Keep your bars consistent. And try to keep your letters the same size and with all meeting on the same baseline. I like the throwie. Keep painting, you'll get better can control and it'll be less shaky and choppy
  13. bowlofglasscereal

    the TOY paint thread...

    Ayy thanks guys! I decided to try out something new and really liked the outcome. I'd say I've definitely improved, from my observations at least
  14. bowlofglasscereal

    the TOY paint thread...

    I got a problem with keeping the letter width consistent
  15. bowlofglasscereal

    Toys post here...