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  1. theprotester cause it's weird n different (and rad)
  2. HAHA 11k to clean graffiti off the private jet? Some rich idiot is being taken for a ride (and it's not in his private jet)
  3. Incognito, I'm no economist but I think there is a significant difference between the buying power created by an increased minimum wage and the artificial dollar increase that happens with inflation - which also leads to decreased buying power of those at minimum wage as it does not change with inflation. There have been a number of economic papers published since 2009 that affirm that increasing minimum wage has no negative affect on unemployment. What I suggested in my comment was that wages could be tiered like tax brackets - with companies that can absorb those costs being held firmly to the established minimum wage. And I don't discriminate by subjective bs like "non-evil" just income levels.
  4. Do trams get hit at all? Do they run?
  5. Probably some of the better photos I've taken in my life
  6. The dog/donkey smoking a J is in Queens everything else is from MA. I was thinking hot n ready was some sort of toaster strudel but people keep telling me it's a celtic knot. What kinda celtic knot is hot n ready ?
  7. somebody documents this shit. This is my favorite from my own hood
  8. I think most economic articles I've read agree that a good minimum wage helps the economy overall. At the very least it should help the FUCKIN BAD wage gap we have in the US (for the largest economy in the world we really suck in that respect). Personally I agree small businesses may have problems with a higher minimum wage but there are lots of low interest loans and subsidies available for small businesses as well. I really think minimum wage should be linked to a businesses gross profit or maybe upper management salary. Walmart has no fucking excuse not to pay it's people a living wage. Of course there could also be serious repercussions for that too. We also need to make it less advantageous to hire all your workers part time to avoid dishing out benefits. Whenever you have arguments about this sort of thing people have a serious rift about who they think is affected but there are definitely tons of big companies trying to increase their bottom line by shitting on the workers. No rigid, objective scheme works for everybody but the one we have is pretty fucked right now.
  9. While I'm not pleased that Zimmy isn't being charged with anything, it seems based on Florida law and the piss-poor show of the prosecution that the not guilty verdict is fair enough. The real bullshit here is all the other killings of unarmed minority youth by cops and vigilantes that get no media coverage at all.
  10. Somebody should go to a gallery he shows at, take his poster off the wall, cut it up into lil pieces and then post it in the streets where his grubby little fingers can't reach.
  11. Look at all the the 5 inch sharpie tags I did I just can't get over some of these youtube toys. I'd love to hear what was going through their little heads.
  12. Alright get your pre-pubescent ass to the toy threads in paper chase and stay there a while. Graffiti isn't about smiles and pats on the back and "getting better soon" is going to take at least a year of serious nose down practice. I suggest you stick to paper for a bit before you get yourself caught with some whack nonsense by cops or writers. Lay off posting your own illegal work unless you are looking for crits in the toy paint thread. Keep practicing, bench in your area, try to meet local writers- the Internet is a great place to learn shit but nothing will beat flesh and blood grind. I'd change your name- rasko is way up even if its nowhere near your hood. You're welcome.
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