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  1. I was driving on 95 the other day and saw a fly-as-hell outline somewhere near the new london exit I think. Didn't catch the name or the names of the other outlines but it looked like a bandit kinda character with a bandana. Any of y'all know who that is?
  2. Meres doesn't own that building he just runs the 5ptz part. The guys who own the building itself have let people paint on it for a while which was pretty good of them while it lasted. It was a nice free spot to bring people to and drink 40s in the courtyard plus PS1 next door is a good-ass museum. Kind of a shame, with the condos I'm sure the yards and buildings around there will get buffed quicker. shit happens.
  3. Oh yeah lemme get right on that ITTB just a sketch but I'd be down to render it if you are interested ;)
  4. Blind leading the blind in here. Sable you need to spend some time sketching and working on your letters. When they said stop and start they mean you should do each letter in mostly one line. Your s and a are particular bad for that. But in general you need to practice
  5. Talent or no you can't hate on anyone for posting sketch work on an Internet forum
  6. Aight sweet the word is NOSE ** first word was not nearly as fun as I thought it would be
  7. I'm about to get my engineering degree and I'm just starting to come up with my graffiti and love for fucking around and being reckless. Is there a way to balance the two? Should I stick to weekend fr8 missions? I'm not ready for the 9 to 5 grind. :confused:
  8. Protester GMV I like the loose style it's fresh (except that R tho)
  9. Not sure this is how it's done but I'm gonna wrap this up for voting to keep shit moving!:D Vote Away!
  10. Going with ansichrist- super slick! followed by theprotester and Dry Wretch.
  11. Lemme resurrect this ish with some of my stolen flicks Barbara and Eva Rosy One EMA Musa Merlot Lahe 178 + Yubia - Swear I have a bigger pic of this Thes Can't get away without a lil MadC burnin And for girls who don't rock - Penta
  12. First post on 12oz so tell me if I do anything stupid I agree not a fun word.
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