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  1. http://cdn3.epictimes.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/facepalm-picard-gif-i4.jpg
  2. meh, can't be as bad as any city in the late 80's early 90's.
  3. Wow, I always thought nothing would stay as nothing but i guess even nothing can change, in a world of unlimited possibilities.
  4. Hate will always poison the self, worse than its target.
  5. Everyone is right in their own rites. Peace to everyone. +
  6. Ya-gots to let-ya soul----glow! Let it shine, let it shine...
  7. That top VEDAS made my dick tickle,.. figuratively, not literally. Good ole CAVE. Back in 99'-03' IRS was putting in work on 95/495. IRS was a big inspiration for me.
  8. That's not true... People are really full of themselves these days. You should try a slice of humble pie.
  9. Merry christmas and a happy new years to you too, brethren...
  10. It's cool bro, someone has to say something at somepoint, because sometimes, it feels like we have no control.
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