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  1. I know this shit sounds wack, but i thought id bring this to everyones attention. apparently justin bieber has started painting graffiti. if someone could put the pictures on here, yeah..... the only reason i know about this is that dude Lush posted it on instagram. go
  2. idk if anyone posted about this yet, but the new hangover kinda sucks...
  3. pretty sure graffiti would exist without philly. the first "real" writer was from philly. doesn't mean people weren't going to still write their names in other places. now please, call me a toy because I'm pissing you off. i don't at all consider philly graffiti to be toy though. people have no fucking idea how hard even prints are from the outside looking in. you either gotta get a mentor for that shit or be prepared to spend some long ass hours putting work in.
  4. has anyone heard of statigram? you can see all peoples pictures that don't have a private stream on the computer. kinda scary
  5. flickr was as far as i went. i never wanted to get into tumblr anyways, that shit confuses me... but with the new flickr, its just as confusing. pertaining to the photo stealing on these sights, if theres a flick i want to post, i usually ask the person before posting it, and usually give them credit for it. most people I've dealt with have done the same, but then there are the tumblr assholes who don't care at all and will steal your photo without asking and getting hundreds of likes or whatever their called. but idk, even without the credit, kinda cool to see your picture being liked by hundreds of people.
  6. flickr has to compete with instagram. so far, seems like instagram's winning. too bad though, the new flickr sucks
  7. ok. i honestly do not understand a word you just said, but what i got out of the string of words you just typed is that you are calling me the toy. fuck, writing on 12oz is toy. fucking posting flicks is bullshit. you don't know what i write, you wouldn't know it anyways. but i don't write to meet other people to meet other people and get down with people who think their the shit in their city(philly) but can't even rock 3d that makes sense. don't get me wrong, some writers in philly have their shit down, but right now all i see is people flipping a shit about beef when they can't do a throw up. I'm done with this thread, and with fucking 12oz. people hide behind their fucking screens then talk a big game about how they will knock another heads teeth out. fuck posting shit for rep, fuck meeting other people. aint checking this shit anymore. BYE
  8. lol, sorry that each side says its off and then says its back on again every 2 days. i was just wondering, no need to get all butthurt about it
  9. OCP and ICP back at again? can't even tell when they call it quits the next day someone is ragging someone else
  10. yep...Hindue killing it.
  11. probably a little late on this, but does anyone have the flick of JA in the 3rd godfather movie?
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