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  1. Page1

    the TOY paint thread...

    oh man... posting photos on 12oz is such a long process.. annoys me that u cant post using your smartphone either.. anyway, here are some of my pieces, any critics more then welcome. Uploaded with ImageShack.us[/img][/img] Uploaded with ImageShack.us[/img]
  2. Page1

    Is there a name for this kind of style?

    I might be wrong but in my eyes Sweden is full of it. I respect anyone doing graffiti the way they want, but I really hate this style. For me it's like u don't give a shit about even trying to make it look or have any symmetrical elements, or even do straight lines with the same thickness. But anyone should do it the way they want. If I'm not mistaken this style evolved, at least in Sweden, because we always had a lot of surveillance on the trains so writers never could do the same thing or evolve as in the states. I might be wrong! Just came back to the culture 2 years ago so I can't say I know it all.