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  1. Ted Baer


    No have not seen Tanner ...but perhaps I have seen RapidT???
  2. Sometimes due to the fact that the town that I am going to does not have a CC or a regular switch I find myself having to ride the Cushions. So I look up the fare call the automated bitch "Julie" at 1-800-USA-RAIL, Get my reservation number have my 9.00 in hand taped to the computer printout of the fare. After about being the normal 1/2 hour late (Its a bitch when amtrak is actulay on time then I have to dump my pipe). I get on the train...."You got a ticket"?-Conducter--Yes ( a lie)...take my seat and go. Conducter walkes up to my seat. I am paying cash with a res number-me --We meet in the club car at the conducters desk and I pull out my reservation number with the fare atttached ----That will be 22.00 please-Conducter---What??I have 9.00---Sir there is a new rule,You have to pay ahead for a ticket with a credit card and then print out a E ticket on a computer. I looked around at pointed to the Amish Family in the club car,Ok How did they get on the train? Conducter- They Paid cash at Boston. Um sir I just got on the train in the middle of butfuck nowhere and there was not a computer in sight and the bars around here will run you out of town on a rail if you try and pay with plastic. Conducter- I understand just make sure that you have a E ticket or you dont ride my train and Oh do you have a photo ID? My point is- Seems the day has come when cash is no longer king and the Goverment has to know who you are and where you are going every minute of the day.The nice thing about cash is that its anomouse and if you want to run away from ol lady you used to get on the bus or train and get mofo otta town ----I suppose thats what I get when I ride Uncle Sams Railroad AKA Amtrak.---Gotta Play by there rules- PM me The Station that I got on needs some seriose Graffiti.
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