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  1. indexdrums

    I need to buy your empty cans!

    Yeah North Louisiana is a street art desert, no active yards, no legal walls, etc. I get it, you're protective of the culture, sorry to impose. The truth is that these shakers sound incredible, an Mtn can is way more interesting than a quick color, and I'm not making any money on these. Just making them because I think they need to be made, and a couple of drummers in bands you've heard of agree. I'll leave you guys alone, carry on! I was never here!
  2. I recycle empty cans and turn them into percussion instruments. I've bought a few hundred cans from reddit, but they're a pretty flaky group, so I'm hoping you guys can hook it up. I've got plenty of rusto and krylon. I'm looking for Montana, Mtn, Bombing Science, ironlak, and the other brands that the average person probably doesn't know exist. They can be messy but not rusty. I'll pay $2/ea if you can get them shipped to Louisiana, USA. USPS Shipping is surprisingly cheap since they're so light. If you have a box lying around, send a pic to indexdrums at gmail with your count and I'll check em out. I'm not a narc, I will not try to trace your tag, I'm going to throw all of these cans in a big pile and not remember who I bought them from. I use mtn94 in my shop, but not enough of it to make the empties that I need, and there's really nowhere in town that I can get these, so I turn to the internet. Please help me out, save the planet, and make a few bucks to buy more paint. If this is the wrong place to do this, I'm sorry, I couldn't think of anywhere else to try. Thanks!