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  1. playing hey mister and hoods taking you into a alley and yelling street check while hoods on the block yell back ALL GOOD! homie getting robbed at gun point after getting ice cream with his girl in day light. same prostitute getting on the bus at 9 am a dollar short every fucking morning. coke man letting you try his shit ontop the apartments mail box setup around 9pm keeping dryer sheets in your clothes while you wear them filming a 7 foot tall black dude dusted screaming and beating his chest walking in front of traffic then drinking a beer with his dealer him turning me down on a score. cops drove at the dude with sirens got him out of the street then drove off LOL coming back to your (trap) house to find plastic in the key hole and a butcher knife to lock the door from the inside. door worked fine prior to going to work people who constantly grind their jaws even sober i love buying home cooked ribs off someones porch. did this underage and drank 40s and ate ribs behind a dumpster then saw cattle decapitation broke ass fools who act like they pay their own way of life cus they are "street" is something i dont like! homies who need gas money to even chill hearing someone clean the house with no lights on in darkness lol the fools who kick it at sk8 parks drinking burnetts all day then partying all night seen and recieved handjobs on that bus prostitutes have lots of info on the street and usually know what time the cops partrol that area that first gas station that appears on your way to vegas right after you start to see the lights is hood as fuck vegas in general is pretty fucking hood.. buying headphones and returning your broke ones lol saw a fool post about illegals picking up all the scrap i seen all walks of life do that and to me its more junkie whites doing it than anyone pissing on the lightrail eating ramen for months, eating the the homeless shelter to save more money smoking three blunts with four 14 year old hoods at a elementary school hoods that whistle around blocks letting people know the block is hot i have a ton of pictures of hood life i should upload some year
  2. i really dig those crisp crut fries with some polynesian sauce.
  3. what about real dark fucked up films? Cannibal Holocaust, Grotesque, Begotten? Grotesque is on the Roku which is real surprising
  4. lets paint holla. fuck the egos an the bullshit.
  5. by far the funniest thread randomly check this and yall had me laughin
  6. yo texas be the sickest on 12oz. i check your shit whenever im on the net. 6 months an ill be there if shit works out. an it will.
  7. im tired of the egos the same groupies getting passed around im tired of the wannabes trying to say something to me. actions talk louder than words. you look at the first pages of this thread thats how to crush. i wish there was more of a community out here. shits just full of secrecy.. everyone actin like they the shit. forever i got respect for RTD an TKO.. i wanna see the streets crushed. if your on the same page hit me up. i be looking at other cities on here and i think texas has the best shit.. but this my home
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