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  1. I heard it was from drinking Codeine. If that is true and he died I'm sure someone would have made Pimp C/Lil Wayne airbrush shirts.
  2. I think Andrea thought it was sick because her and Michonne have a bond and shit and the fact that he is putting so much effort into it. She should have made the shot when she could.
  3. I really dug that episode. You got to see a bit more into the guv'nas background and his true motives. I hope they don't give up Michonne. Hershel's going all badass with those guns on his stump.
  4. I'd ask why we have Daylight Saving still but the answer is we are too lazy to get rid of it.
  5. Equal parts Mayo + Nancy's Sharp & Creamy Mustard + Hot sauce (franks red hot works) = bomb ass dip sauce for tortilla chips. Nancy's got bomb mustard.
  6. I hope something happens next episode. Also no more singing.
  7. I feel ya I was going to say that too. I'd rather go to an individual show, pay 40 dollars to get in and have a more "intimate" experience then go see a few artists I like and a ton of shit ones and deal with groce people with dreads.
  8. The fact that Wu Tang is playing kind of makes me sick.
  9. -I hate making my lunch for once in my god damn life and then forgetting it. -Talking to dumb customers on the phone. -Those Progressive commercials come on.
  10. I found this shit mad funny mostly because I'm into stupid shit. I'm just glad people are not posting Harlem Shake videos anymore.
  11. Worry about yourself, your loved ones and your immediate surroundings/home. If someone asks for help, lend a hand. If they keep coming around don't let it become a habit.
  12. It's because they don't need to be biten to become infected. The scientist told rick this in the last episode of the first season. So a zombie can bite someone but it doesn't mean they will become a zombie, only if they die.
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