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  1. awwwwww.,, what?1 you bitches cant handle the fuckn truth? shiit long as im on fiyah might as well say what evryone been thinkin on for a minute...YO WINS,,,when you gunna get one hundred and change that faggy as shit name to LOSE??! HUH BOI?! HHUUUHH BOOOIII!??!?! Total Fuckin Loser!!! AAHHHAHAHAHHAHA FAAAGGGGOOOOOTTT!!!!!!!
  2. daaaayum! is it just me or did all yallz 'style' just grow outa some mexican turd that got flung into a slow spinnin ceilin fan at sum point?!...DAYUM SON!!!R R R R R RATCHED!!!!
  3. wait is dis the NO STYLE thread? ahhh my bad,, shiit i thought i clicked dah new york thread...WOOPS!! HA!!
  4. and fo the record im tryin to fuck sabrinas teenage witch pussy not dat bloody azz fuggin middleschoolazz clarissa buulllllliisssshhh say weeerrrdddd faggotss....
  5. hahaha nigga syke should prolly point dat needledick cum spray back at hisself n stop tryin push dat playd out fuggin mexican sureno whatver fuck ever bullshit steez he caint really pull off no mo! haaaaaa hahaa stupid azz whiteboy bitch punk! real niggaz aint stressin some fuggin halfassed wannabepiecethrowupwitcoluhbullshit fuck you son! yo your ma shoulda taken dem fuckt sperms from yo pah and spat dem shits back out steada lettin them shits ride in hoes pussy nowudimsayin?! FAGGOTS!
  6. damn i wouldve sworn i posted a ruinr in this shit somewhere. huh.
  7. shheeeeeiittt....yall foolz wanna see some stylez hit up da ncgraff thread.. ha ha ha SYYYYKKKEEEEEE!!!!!!
  8. yo on sum real shit doh yung punk horace cant even put up a nigga grift up if he gunna cap his ass? dudes got ten plus years on yo ass homey, faded dissed or not son. yall niggas can say what yall want sumbody gotta spit on some truth fuckin buncha clicked up ass fools in dis scene for real. HHHHHHH toi clrealy dont know the 1 2 3 what kinda shitass crew gonna let that fuck shit fly int he first place? grift i know im prolly hurtin on your case so my bad dog but fuck all that and lettin a toy even have that tone with you on this fuckt forum when callin him out. fuck dat nigga. bump a veteran freight writer and fuck the toy that aint been round long enough to no the fuckin difference..
  9. wonder how upset mecro was after finishin next to that weak ass shit from leder.. kars of crap haha toy
  10. man you niggas crazy as a mug if think pussy ass ravens bout to be winnin on any fuggin super bwol bunch a pussys ray lewis the werst lemme tellya bitches!
  11. new york has the worst graff in the world ever. anyone whos ever painted there even once sucks
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