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  1. well your post aint that much useful either is it? who else am I going to reference? anyways...Ill post some flicks as soon as I get around one of those free hosting image sites
  2. This is a thread for all the foreign writers who lurk around the site and for everyone else who wants to know a little about what is like being a writer outside the US and most of Europe. Although real graffheads around the world have a great admiration for the pioneers and newyork and whatnot, truth is graffiti changes a lot depending on where its going on and -having done some trips to those cities myself- I find the contrast to be very interesting. So, please share your opinion and questions. For example: In my country, painting trains is non existent, our cans are useless shit, there are no caps, racking is nearly impossible (which adds to the whole game for me) but on the other side, theres practically NO LAW (its hard for me to imagine people doing time for graff, in here, murderers barely make it to court). That makes writing easier but there is "peoples justice", if you get caught at the wrong spot, you may very well be lynched oldschool style with machetes and shit or shoot at. I will be uploading pictures of some of my stuff and other local writers I look up to so you have a better clue at the actual styles and places...
  3. damn I didnt expect to find this thread here...this is my first post ever. I am a writer but work as an animation artist for a living. Although I am a character animator right now (working in a feature film and a shortfilm of my own regarding graff) I know my way around shading and rendering. I work mostly in Maya, 3DS sometimes (although must super renders you see online in sites like CGSociety are 40percent PS postproduction). Right now Im working on the development of a shading-like pipeline simulating classic animation via motion vectors, much like Disney did in "Paperman". I will be posting pics and videos as soon as possible. Meanwhile, check this on the newest technology in 3D:
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