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  1. When you run out of weed in the middle of the night and you know you can't get more because your dealer is sleeping. When a cool writer grows a huge ego as they progress and get better. When friends push their friends away because they can't handle love. When you have to sleep on the streets in the rain and cold because you are drunk and lost in an unfamiliar city. When people say they hate hypocrites when they are a huge hypocrite themselves. "If you want to stab someone with a needle, you must first stab yourself with a sword"
  2. Albert since you enjoyed choking that bitch you should explore this path of bondage more.
  3. what happened to everyone not having standards lol? Trash
  4. TTST and that smash is a maybe...
  5. Woke up at 6pm today pretty much been gaming since with only one 3-4 hour break and have had only 1 meal. Now its 6am guess I'm about to make lunch lol. Throwing a pizza in the oven.
  6. One of my worst nightmares: Somehow some 4 cops arrest me and my girlfriend (at the time) and take us to a dim lighted basement where they tie us both to chairs. Then one of the cops starts touching my girlfriend and I get angry so they knock me down so I can't move because im already tied and tied to the chair. They all take turns raping her while the ones not raping are making sure I can't move. Wake up and my girlfriend is safe next to me in bed...
  7. Difficult choice here...lots of good entries but I'm going to have to give it up to HOFFMAN!!!
  8. http://amerex-fire.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/Fire_and_Fire_Extinguishment.pdf
  9. Couldn't make the image size smaller because then text would be very hard to read.
  10. Some hardcore writer practicing in his garage and posting it on facebook. "Hip Hop lives up north!"
  11. again with the gore shit? wtf!?!?!
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