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  1. Reminds me of some school house rock shit...Very basic. Are you trying to get into graffiti or become a sign painter? That shit is way too plain. What handstyle do you need help with? I'll write up some shit you can bite and send it to you in a PM. I'm not an active writer anymore...but I do love coming to these forums and seeing all the peoples handstyles I've influenced in the paper chase over the last 10 years....I'm sure most wouldn't admit to it, but I see it. Let me know.
  2. Mek killed this...I tried a few thought they could compete with the rest then Mek entered. I'll wait for the next one. :lol: MEK GMV
  3. Scanned this years ago, its still applies to a lot of people...:lol:
  4. That Boner piece is mine...I got the book in my lap right now...Thanks Satire.
  5. What happened to Illuminati? Didn't know him but saw him around the forum a lot. it's kinda eerie that his last throw up/sketch was talking bout snorting shit. R.I.P. And why when I post on this forum does it put my post behind previous post? And log me out when I just logged in? It kinda makes it hard to post a response after someone when I post and it takes my post straight to the top of the page...This is the main reason I stopped posting. also Protester I have no idea what email I used probably a fake one for both my ONE_ONE_NINER account and for my Mouth For War account.
  6. I see you made mod status...Nice. I've been here long enough to call it like I see it. I've one these battles and handstyles before...Since You're a mod maybe you can help me log back into my real account MOUTH FOR WAR....Gotta new comp and forgot my password. Thanks for the NEGS people...:lol: I don't need my tic tacs to know I'm better at this than most of you.
  7. This forum is fucked. I wasn't calling everybodies shit garbage just most of the shit posted.
  8. Nobody likes you; get the fuck on with that bullshit...post something I haven't seen already.
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