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Mr. Discount 803

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  1. Mr. Discount 803

    Toys post here...

    Reminds me of some school house rock shit...Very basic. Are you trying to get into graffiti or become a sign painter? That shit is way too plain. What handstyle do you need help with? I'll write up some shit you can bite and send it to you in a PM. I'm not an active writer anymore...but I do love coming to these forums and seeing all the peoples handstyles I've influenced in the paper chase over the last 10 years....I'm sure most wouldn't admit to it, but I see it. Let me know.
  2. Mr. Discount 803

    Throw Up battles!!!

    Mek killed this...I tried a few thought they could compete with the rest then Mek entered. I'll wait for the next one. :lol: MEK GMV
  3. Mr. Discount 803

    sketch / finished piece comparisons

    diggin' everything on this page.
  4. Mr. Discount 803

    The Nonsense thread

    Scanned this years ago, its still applies to a lot of people...:lol:
  5. Mr. Discount 803

    Handstyle Battle!

  6. Mr. Discount 803


    Diggin' the last post.
  7. Mr. Discount 803

    Throw Up battles!!!

  8. Mr. Discount 803

    Throw Up battles!!!

  9. Mr. Discount 803

    the NEW sketch thread

    That Boner piece is mine...I got the book in my lap right now...Thanks Satire.
  10. Mr. Discount 803

    Throw Up battles!!!

    What happened to Illuminati? Didn't know him but saw him around the forum a lot. it's kinda eerie that his last throw up/sketch was talking bout snorting shit. R.I.P. And why when I post on this forum does it put my post behind previous post? And log me out when I just logged in? It kinda makes it hard to post a response after someone when I post and it takes my post straight to the top of the page...This is the main reason I stopped posting. also Protester I have no idea what email I used probably a fake one for both my ONE_ONE_NINER account and for my Mouth For War account.
  11. Mr. Discount 803


  12. Mr. Discount 803

    Throw Up battles!!!

    I see you made mod status...Nice. I've been here long enough to call it like I see it. I've one these battles and handstyles before...Since You're a mod maybe you can help me log back into my real account MOUTH FOR WAR....Gotta new comp and forgot my password. Thanks for the NEGS people...:lol: I don't need my tic tacs to know I'm better at this than most of you.
  13. Mr. Discount 803

    Throw Up battles!!!

    This forum is fucked. I wasn't calling everybodies shit garbage just most of the shit posted.
  14. Mr. Discount 803

    Throw Up battles!!!

  15. Mr. Discount 803


    Nobody likes you; get the fuck on with that bullshit...post something I haven't seen already.