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  1. -36°C markers hello guys (newbie btw!) I saw threads about painting in the cold, but that was no use, as I can paint to about -20°C without a problem. But the latter case is way shittier I live in north Quebec, been making grafiti since this summer In summer, we have usually temperatures averaging 20-30°C But right now, this week specialy, temperature's been down to -20°C (and today was -36°C) Every paint I try is dripping as fuck. 1st millisecond out of the can and it already makes a looong drool of paint all down the wall. I'm pretty sure it's because of the temperature, as this problem never occured to me before. So i'm borderline slacking off cans, until I find a solution. Markers (Paint ones) freeze before I can even use them, i'm buying ink ones right now, maybe it'll solve the problem. Any ideas/mixes/techniques to solve this ? I can't write/paint anymore, it annoys me as fuck to have epic drools of paint everywhere spilling in/out of my grafiti, that drives me crazy. Or markers not working. Logically I think ink markers wouldn't freeze, am I stupid or have I reason ? Also general cold-ass Siberia/high Canada/Groenland/Icelanders markers ideas thread
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