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  1. They're losing a lot of they're funding, so it's back to Saturday-only this year and it doesn't start till 12. They're promotion sucks and I think that's why the turnout last year was low and it looks like the same shit's going to happen this year. No flyers, no posters, no updates on their website.. that's what happens.
  2. 3rd Eye open is on July 20th this year if anyone's interested. It's not going to start till 12 though, due to low funds. Hopefully more people show up this year, last year was depressing seeing legends like Masts Ace and Ed O.G. performing with like 20 people in the audience.
  3. I hope this thread stays alive. If anyone has any pics to upload, I would appreciate it. I have a lot of newer pics of a lot of New Bedford spots/writers, but nothing too old. I didn't take a lot of pics back in the day and most of the ones I did take are long gone..
  4. Alright, thanks man. I didn't start writing in this area till early 90's but I'm familiar with some of the names of the people that came before me, and I have a lot of respect for them.
  5. Was that bus in the flick in service when the pic was taken, or was it sitting in a lot? I know that building in the background looks mad familiar too, but can't remember where it is.
  6. Nice, good to see that pic back up, and liking the new ones. Up until like 15 years ago, there was a lot of old names still up on the left side of the Orpheum from the late 70's early 80's.
  7. What happened to that Orpheum picture?....It's not on here anymore?
  8. I remember that Standard Times article, if it's the one I'm thinking of it was around '94-'95 and took up almost the whole Living section. I agree on that Nomi situation too, I don't think he should be writing at all but, even if his tags/handstyles were half way decent, houses, churches and anything residential is off grounds and anyone with any knowledge of graffiti should already know that from the start. From what I heard, Nomi hasn't been writing for a while now, but I never heard of the other dude Rack. I appreciate seeing the old flicks and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing some Scum Hall stuff. That spot in the industrial park was ill too, I really wish I took more pics back then.
  9. If anyone on here has any pics of Scum Hall or the TalleyRand building (in the back of the Industrial park in N.B.) please post them up. I would love to see anything from back then actually, most of the younger kids have no idea how ridiculously dope both those spots were in the 90's. The inside of the Fort had some good shit too before they built the sewage plant and the park around it..
  10. I always liked those Charm characters that used to be up everywhere around '91-92. Also liked those Most 2-letter hollows around that time. (the MO with the bomb for the O)..
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