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  1. Of course not. It was nice meeting you guys. Swell bunch.
  2. Does it really? I thought it looked more like a marsupial.
  3. Self Proclaimed I guess graffiti is dominated by elitists. Should've done my research. Anyways, I call this one "Horse's Ass." I did it pretty quick, and I think I'll need to make some adjustments to it to be able to get it up real quick with spray paint.:
  4. No, I think I got some good answers.
  5. Ok. Ok. I might draw up some nice pieces and post them here to see what you guys think.
  6. The link didn't load for some reason. I'm definitely on your side here though. Another quick question for you guys: What sort of shoes do you wear when you're painting? Every group has its shoes and I want to be more like you guys.
  7. Touchy.. I wasn't being judgmental (This was already said). I don't care what you do. I'll leave though.
  8. Alright. :) Cool. Maybe we can be friends one day. Grab a bite to eat, go ice skating, chat about life. Not graffiti though. Only a chump would ask why you do what you do.
  9. Yeah, I asked why you do graffiti. If you want to attach on a presupposed judgment behind it, that's not my issue. It's only a question of interest. I don't care if you do graffiti nurga.
  10. You guys misunderstood. I don't care what you do.
  11. It's for a sticker. No thoughts though? What does graffiti mean for you individually? Why do you (all) do it?
  12. I am not involved in any form of graffiti or street art, though I am extremely fascinated by it. I would have gotten into it by now if not for moral issues, I guess you could say. I made a couple small stickers, but they still sit in my room. I am not interested in throwing up a middle finger to authority or working my way up the hierarchy of the graffiti subculture so I can spray paint a crown over my name. I'm not interested in stealing paint or breaking the law. All I'm interested in is the art; the one continuous flow of paint being sprayed on the canvas wall of an old building. I'm interested in the styles born out of the rush to get up as quick as possible. I also love that this is one of the few communities of artists that isn't dominated by elitists.
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