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  1. Might as well take it to the top of the page.......
  2. I think it was more pure animal behavior at work. The little kid challenged him by standing before him beating is chest and the gorilla did what one would do in that situation. Similar to the lion one. Not a big deal to me. But true too, zoo animals suffer boredom, frustration, etc., etc. Not a big fan of the zoo anymore. People should be nicer. According to a movie I saw, those apes are going to take over the planet.
  3. The humpty dance is your chance to do the hump.
  4. If hammered top chick might be fun, but she looks like she got miles on her, mad frequent flyer points there. Take a vacation and nurse those bags under your eyes honey. I have a feeling that 4 out of those 5 black chix take it in the pooper.
  5. All that technology and big brother camera type shit has turned the game on piggies. Same shit they use against you is now being used to reveal their swineness.
  6. College looks like govt housing next to old industrial buildings. Get a degree from the school of hard knocks.
  7. Not a fan of tomato slices or pineapple. Fucking tomato slices are always going to come off the slice in a big chunk, and there's already tomato sauce on the pie. That hood pie looks greasy as a hood chick. Damn! Don't like my pizza super greasy, have to towel it off 1st if it is, don't need further incentive to drop a deuce after. My vacation spot does a dope basil and goat cheese pie. Have also gotten into roasted garlic mixed in with my toppings on a pie as of late.
  8. A lot of the supermarkets around me will hire the retarded as baggers. Someone or other I knew was telling me they were in the supermarket at checkout and not realizing commented that something was retarded, and the bagger says no, I'm retarded.
  9. Asshole negates asshole? Might have been a bit over to call his kid a tard and to want to fight some kid's parent in front of their kids, unless you regularly appear on Jerry Springer. But, dude was def not on point as a parent. Terrible.
  10. Definitely hot. Like the old flick of the sign painters too, always felt I had some cheating going on when I did an ad for someone but looks like things haven't changed a bit.
  11. Meh. I don't know so much about their recipes but most of their food type shit I'd rather make myself, and they have some expensive ass cook/bake/whatever ware.
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