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  1. If they're not getting it in the hole they're trying to get it in the pocket?
  2. UFC has a free night of who cares fights on. Main is Boetsch VS Henderson. Have to say I have seen Boetsch put on some entertaining fights before.
  3. How is it that posted pix randomly show or do not, but those fucking ads show every time?
  4. Pretty much all of this. Don't like clothing labels, would never wear an Izod lizard or a Polo pony. But I do like when I find a good independent or counterculture type one. I have a polo shirt and it has an embroidered jockey falling off a horse on the chest, a parody of Polo. RUN-DMC said it best- Calvin Klein's no friend of mine, don't want nobody's name on my behind. And that was in 84!
  5. You can quickly and simply open those types of packages with a can opener. Try it.
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