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  1. This is also the place where people where shit like moccasins and slippers in the street
  2. Even the dog's feet got dirty stepping out in NY
  3. If the freight would stop in front of my house I could spraytag more easier.
  4. In Netherlands, mangirl smashes you
  5. I'd hit her slopes during the daytime then relax in the hot tub at night
  6. You can give strippers 50 cent and dollar coins. I call it playing the slots.
  7. There are 50 cent pieces and dollar coins, but no one nowhere uses them. There's a business I frequent that likes including 50 cent coins and $2 bills in your change. On the one hand maybe kind of cool/different. On the other hand, I worry that anyone born past the 80s will know what it is if you try to use that in the store or something.
  8. You all are lucky. Alls I got is the rubber band.
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