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  1. I don't know about their pallets. The ones around me will munch on metal chains and such but they don't actually eat them. Goats kind of eat grass last. They eat all sorts of plants but they love shrubbery, and they stand and eat brush from the top down. Summer into Fall they do use the goats to clear vines and overgrowth near me. Saves a lot of manpower, probably makes a lot of goat poop.
  2. If you have to clear light powdery snow ditch your shovel and try your leafblower if you have one for a quick and easy clean up.
  3. One of those beneficial enviro friendly recycling deals. After Fall the goats get the leftover pumpkins and gourds, after Christmas they get the trees. The goats devour them, and both act as natural dewormers for the goats.
  4. Here's that brisket I did the other day. First time brining, then dry rubbed and mesquite smoked for 10hrs. tried to get that ring flick
  5. I've heard it said that if you're not racking shit, you're not for real.
  6. That duck may have been signaling help me to the people at the register.
  7. Can't believe I watched even half of that. Weird.
  8. I guess I'd add that before arguing the point I'd try to understand his reason, as there may be a sensible explanation. But @Dark_Knightcould also be right, sometimes you don't get a fitting explanation. Made me think that at the place I'm at the head of the organization is working on some changes and surprises that the rest of the place is not privy to right now for a number of good reasons.
  9. I get you. The first part was a joke referring to the time in the other thread. The answering your own question- you respect dude, like working for him, you have a candid relationship. Approach like that and ask. Or for the military references you've made, approach like it's your commanding officer.
  10. Did people forget the difference between military time and civilian time in the schedule? I feel like you just answered your own question there tho.
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