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  1. bucket hats and corduroy are on the same cycle...


    Shit is gonna get silly.

    Why the hate on cuords? I've recently fell in love with their comfortable goodness. And their sorta, kinda semi-formal-ish if you want em to be.

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  2. this is a busy week, i'll upload as i have time to clean/resize. steal/interrupt away




    Wtf are these things? Never seen anything like them before up here, they look like they carry them on some kind of intermodel/piggyback.. Must be local/short line?


    Sick line of reefers tho, keep up the bench.

  3. I'm not buying it, in any sense. I listened to a few tracks to find out who he was, like maybe there was good shit I could get into. I don't find his rhymes clever, amusing, or really anything of interest. And dude rhymes like he's on heroin or something. It's like you'd have to smoke wax and get stuck to listen to that.

    I first heard of him a couple years back when i was big into uk hip hop and in darker times in life. High Focus hustles hard and i like their shit but I respect your opinion.

  4. ..never heard of this.

    Mini Disc originally recorded in Sony's own "Atrac" codec, with a variable bitrate, quality was below regular Audio CD's (still very good though).

    Later there was (more compressed) "LP" (long play) recording modes, allowing to save twice / four times as much music on a disc, with lower quality of course.

    Later, Hi-MD followed, allowing higher quality, though this is also an obsolete format by now.

    MP3 / WAV recorders are just more convenient nowadays..

    You probably know more about this kind of stuff than I do tbh. I just remember my dad talking about FLAC back in the mid 00's when we both were using minidisc players.

  5. I hope people are peeping this thread. A lot of newer kids are less knowledgeable, and sometimes I see more experienced and/or known heads setting bad examples.


    Gonna follow up on this. Recently some "seasoned" freight writers came around and started doing stupid shit that they should know better not to. Going to spots that have been preserved for years in the day time with like 4-6 people, doing multiple panels at small spots, showing people spots who have no business on freights. Just because you CAN do something, doesn't mean you SHOULD do it. Play it safe and don't get careless about spots even if you're comfortable.

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