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  1. I'm gonna start off by saying this thread is fucking awesome and has helped me kill time at work for 2 days now. Secondly DSD is a shameless scumbag and my new idol, props to you sir.

    I don't have many shameful/awesome stories but I'll share what I've got since this thread is sadly dying:


    This one's not that great but I thought it was pretty awesome at the time. The first time my last ex gave me head was in her best friend's brother's room when they had a party and he wasn't around. I cleaned up with his towel and put it back where i found it, he was a douche.


    After me and my ex broke up I hollered at this chick that I used to work with and chop chron to who I knew wanted the D. Petite blonde with blue eyes, I figured why not. Invited her over to blaze and smash and I ended up rocking a marker piece on her hip/thigh. It started alright but it turned out her twat stank like a bum's cornhole after sleeping in a dumpster for a week and it was significantly loose. Not to mention I'm pretty sure she wasn't on her rag but she bled on my dick. Majorly turned off I just trekked through and finished. The sad part was that I linked her again because it was so damn easy, the head was good and I just wanted to get it wet. The next time I hit it there was no improvements to the quality but I didn't want to be a dick and tell her straight up (call me a pussy whatever). So anyway I'm smashing it half-limp with my eyes closed just desperately trying to get my nut, while she's just loving it. It got to the point where I was sweating my balls off and I was too tired to go on, so I proceeded to fake an orgasm (I was wearing a dome so this was possible), grunted and gave my member a few throbs to make it a bit more convincing. I got the fuck outta there after that and haven't made any effort to talk to her since, she messages me here and there though I think she caught feelings.

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