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Everything posted by thirdworlds

  1. Listening to Action Bronson and playing Borderlands 2. Best game of 2012 imo
  2. funniest thing i seen in a minute. right dudes reaction is priceless
  3. false. i stay away from casinos. tbpm has fucked a prostitute.
  4. watching "Planet of the Apes". the newer one. not really liking it
  5. true, i literally wake up every day and pray for you guys to prop me, my e-fame means a lot to me tpbm is going to watch "spring breakers" for selena gomez
  6. seeing that "confident" girl hurts my eyes every goddamn time
  7. Let's hit the county building, gotta cash my check Spend it all on a 40-ounce to the neck and In retrospect I remember December being the hottest Squad cars, neighborhood wars and stolen Mazdas I tell you motherfuckers that life is full of hydraulics Up and down, get a 64, better know how to drive it I'm driving on E with no license or registration Heart racing, racing past Johnny because he's racist 1987, the children of Ronald Reagan raked the leaves off Your front porch with a machine blowtorch You blowing on stress, hoping to ease the stress He copping some blow, hopi
  8. true. tpbm is debating on whether to fap or not
  9. i'm thinking about watching zero dark thirty. recommended?
  10. wondering if this bitch i'm talking to is gonna let me hit
  11. Django is on point. Not one dull moment. One of the best of 2012
  12. i wish tpbm hasn't showered in a week
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