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  1. Hey fellas.Im back after a vacation from this forum. :)
  2. yes according to the article it was the East 180th street station
  3. NYC subway 2014 bronx 2's and 5's yard by Barcelona guys i think OTP crew not sure
  4. Some update for you metal heads hope you enjoy Naste & Scum in Canada
  5. Hi im back after some of a long break posting photos on the forum ;)
  6. Hi!I need some critics on this sketch.It's not finished,ill grab a good marker and finish it these days :p
  7. Im back..I feel this thread needs an update :confused: xpome in ukraine Back to the Bulgarian steel
  8. Alright!Logged in for the first time in 2 months or so.So i thought to update the thread.
  9. Damn so many problems for painting.Xaxa here cops just beat the hell out of you and then ask questions and give fines.One advice that everybody already know:Don't get caught,run run and run again...
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