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  1. Ma-gic Ma-gic, Dis-a-ppear ( roll the 'r' )
  2. Why Why Manti Haha watch this shit
  3. Trash the lady on the couch that fucked her whole town And crush the one in the blue, but with a bag on her head.
  4. Fuckk that big ass raccoon. I'd shoot that mothafuckaaa. Nigga ain't comin in my damn kitchen.
  5. Bump Exist.. and that Loud she had.
  6. Smash. But how mad do you think she would be if i cut them bitches off ? I'd have to, or ask her if she has a friend without them damn daggers.
  7. False Tpbm actually has some of their own art in Brick Slayers or Metal Heads.
  8. http://images1.showmethead.com/nlarge/12_900_excellent_2006_16_8217_scamp_side_dinette_stored_not_used_until_2011_21919944.jpg
  9. Invalid. Tpbm is missing the "p" key on his keyboard from a 12oz overdose.
  10. His technique is immortal Immortal Technique. And you sir are second to none.
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