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  1. HF


    Also, just picked up this Nikon S3, what an awesome camera.
  2. HF


    Do you still have the bronica or the yashica 124g? My dude is looking for a 124g, and although I just got a bronica s2a, i might not be able to pass a deal on a sq with a 40mm
  3. Christ the redeemer and a bunch of morons Igaucu Falls
  4. Night Time by Hogarth Ferguson, on Flickr
  5. Ladder by Hogarth Ferguson, on Flickr
  6. THe reason is because you're following the headlight as the focal point, your film/sensor is a flat object being rotated as you follow the headlight as you pan. , so the point of your film/sensor in the center, the headlight, is staying equa-distant from the car, at your set focus range, whereas the left side of your sensor is getting closer, as you rotate you camera to pan. Does that make sense?
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