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  1. Im running out of Sydney spots to photograph, does anyone know any good spots around Bankstown area?. Not fussed if there nasty burners or just sic throw ups track side. Or any good spots in general in Sydney?
  2. If anyone has any mach, kerupt, mare, freak, rambo, zomibe, cast, pact, scram, rack and base pics please let me know as Im trying to recoup a lost collection. Some really great pics here, keep up the good work!
  3. Zone WST is DOPE!, sadly alot of the links are dead
  4. 1. Thanks man I will check it out. 2. I only really have a few sketches most of my pics (pre 2000), mags and videos got destroyed in a house flood about 10 years ago. 3. hotsauceinthedickhole was one of DJ Q-Berts first scratch tapes Thanks for the link!
  5. I found this in the Hype blackbook artist is Jaws/Jors (anyone have a contact?) Does anyone know of any other writers or threads here where I might find similar characters?. I have seen a few similar threads with nothing, I know someone out there has'em please help lol!
  6. Does anyone have any more Rambo, Roms, Zombie, Siks, sims flicks?. Whats the best place to upload images to so I can share them here?.
  7. Exports....ahh the memories...chrome all day I seen Super Cheap auto had a deal 4 cans for $10, ended last weekend!.
  8. I also have seen Sunspots and Super Comments cans around any feedback?
  9. Thanks for the feedback, I picked up a few cans from around Sydney and had time to give them a go. The new Ultra color have some really nice colors but the paint clogged 16 vegan caps within 20 mintues (all cans started with a fatcap and shaken for a good 5 minutes LOL). This was happerning with 50% of the colors, maybe a bad batch?. Your 100% right I did not realise just how paint some of the paint was we used in the 90's. Where is crockers? Also is there a thread for Sydney cats?
  10. &Walid Jumblat, Good to see old writers on here, If you are in Sydney the Tempe St Vinnies had Navy blue and red Tuxans for $2!. @Schnitzel, mates tell me its pretty bad. What was the old Ironlak formula like?. What about the new ultra colors there look pretty nice with the female value?. Anyone in Sydney still getting dulux sky blue LOL?
  11. have not touched a can in 10+ years and cannot believe just how much paint you can buy now!. No offence to Ironlak or the people that use it but its crap, I noticed around empty cans of Crunch?. Are there any Sydney heads here that can give a old guy advice on all the new paint out there and the best spots to get it (happy to pay to old to rack LOL)
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