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sewing circle

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  1. sewing circle

    What's your city's nickname??..

    Baghdad by the Bay.
  2. sewing circle

    No social media trial

    I had a myspace account back in the day. But I never made a facebook, twitter, instabrag, pintrest or tumblr account, and I also don't have a cellphone.
  3. sewing circle


    http://www.sfweekly.com/culture/feature-culture/orfn-a-life-under-shadows/ An article on ORFN
  4. sewing circle

    The Nonsense thread

  5. sewing circle

    2 or 3 days in San Francisco, what to do?

    Yes accurate description of the goings on of SF in the last 4 years, I've been here for 13 years and it's changed a lot in just the past couple of years. Oh and skip Alcatraz and the Fisherman's Wharf.
  6. sewing circle


    Obviously minus the kid.
  7. sewing circle

    The Nonsense thread

  8. sewing circle

    Unexpected Trip to SF

    It's funny how you mentioned Bob's being non-hipster and that being a good thing. And you then you post about wanting to go to a fucking hipster clothing store maas and stacks. That fucking store is whack!
  9. sewing circle

    Unexpected Trip to SF

    El tonayense taco truck is a must, from there just eat your way through the mission for Mexican food. You'll also find a bunch of bars there too.
  10. sewing circle

    Recent Pickups/ Purchases/ Gifts/ Aquisitions Megathread

    I live in SF and I don't have a cell phone, facebook, twitter or any of that shit. Latest purchase
  11. sewing circle

    The Nonsense thread

  12. sewing circle

    The Beer Thread

    Tomorrow morning I'm gonna be drinking some of the Pliney the Younger.
  13. sewing circle

    Pizza Appreciation Thread

    I've made ranch from scratch when I used to work at a Round Table Pizza, shit was bomb.
  14. sewing circle

    The Nonsense thread

    Here in SF Santacon is mostly out of towners coming in and getting shitfaced.
  15. sewing circle


    I'll be in BKK in 2 weeks and then Phuket after that. And looking and at this thread just got me even more pumped to be there than ever.