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  1. What has happened to the ct thread??
  2. It was an old Geser whole car that pook had dissed.
  3. This is is nice. One of the best spot thugs i seen yet.
  4. Im pretty sure one of those asses used to have a tail attached to it.
  5. That dude in a thong is pretty gross.
  6. looks to be be gator jones formally tsi.
  7. Dude be a SMART ONE and remember to take your bipolar meds. Stop coming on here just to talk shit... its better when you post them flicks, I know you got a million of em.
  8. True, it is in neither of those towns.On top of that, its pretty much a dead spot and only gets painted a few times a year if that. Also, the local police are very aware of that location due to all the punk kids that hang down there and smash bottles etc etc..
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