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  1. yea i recon we get this back going i wouldnt mind getting in on this
  2. hope this posts properly quick pen sketch ha
  3. havnt been on this is a good while any1 wanna exchange? seems dead in here...
  4. old sketch cant remeber how to post on here haha
  5. I thought this wud of went on for longer only 4 ppl entered, bizar didnt even enter I thought it was his call. I was halfway through a sketch an all :/ ah well sure mclovin gets my vote anyway
  6. That's nice. not mad about the sun shining on half of it tho
  7. And all the weedplants are a few diff shades of green. Seriously bad day for sketchin today
  8. Shit just realised that pic is fucked all the colors are off on the characters the lettering is actually illuminous green and theres actually a blue sky ha my phone has a dodgy camera
  9. Felix Mclovin I had your sketch done fairly wild style had the outline done and I spilled a cup of milk on it and ruined it man I just wasnt in the humor to redo it or do anythiing wild so I just threw up somethin simple really just pissed me off ah well ha
  10. I take it pen freestyle is straight pen no pencil yea? Just makin sure ya know
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