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  1. kushlord

    the NEW sketch thread

    quick didn't add 3d someone crit/exchange with me so i have something to do.
  2. kushlord

    The Official 12oz. Exchange Thread

    jeks or mclovin wanna trade?
  3. kushlord

    the NEW sketch thread

    Crits, a couple buds and I are going to have an attempt at a halloween themed mural in a week or two. I want to paint this. Scan by cbrow124, on Flickr
  4. kushlord

    Official Battle Thread

    Yeah I mean the first battle I enter in and it's the one that no one decides to enter. I say mclovin' just picks a new word and we go all out, freestyle again
  5. kushlord

    Official Battle Thread

    I'll join in, whatever.
  6. kushlord

    Official Battle Thread

    I want in, but as a suggestion, a lot of the letters look fucking weak so i was wondering in the next battle if y'all wanted to make it just letters with pencil.
  7. kushlord

    The 3D pages.

    Untitled by cbrow124, on Flickr
  8. kushlord

    the NEW sketch thread

    Untitled by cbrow124, on Flickr no one says shit to anything i post, but here is something, maybe one of you will say something positive about it.
  9. kushlord

    the NEW sketch thread

    just fucking with letters. crits please please please