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  1. + but, the cream of vegetble one is the best, and add a little water too to make it stick
  2. if you need to make a bong and this is all you have, unscrew the bowl from the elbow piece (it looks like the bowl and elbow piece are one piece but it is 2) then, unscrew the small mouthtip piece and then screw those 2 together, and you can stick the rounded mouth tip end now attached to the bowl, into the end of a ballpoint pen tube or something to use as a bong stem.
  3. vote for my remix on beatport even for a few votes idc http://play.beatport.com/contests/skrillex-damian-marley-make-it-bun-dem/5058582a753a0d060e48f93a#
  4. when you put food in the microwave you can just close the door, then push the add minute button as many times as you need to, then you open and close the door again, and you can push start to start right away instead of having to wait.
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