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Everything posted by southbay

  1. thats cute keep listening to dat snitch.sum1 tell this jcat wat a 7.62 will do to u when it hits u pm me saeto
  2. jajaja ur silly if ur on paper work dont come to the hood free the homie base ur hella funny acting u were even in elmwood go head listen to ur snitchass homie dedw8 come thru i got bases funk for him
  3. ask ur sister dedw8 howd it feel wrighting waxs name on dat paper telling d C.Os he had a knife the lil homie keeps me informed ur sad ass fuck if u believe the bullshit that comed out yques pussy Questioning R Sexuality
  4. did she tell u dat while u 2 were n pc together free rench free baser free brownie fuck a snitch
  5. queerz really snitching dedw8yque mnroesaeto tell me y dat jcat manuel villagran snitched on the homie that had a razor ur bitch ass better stay n pc
  6. free rench free swager free jayr free base free bogr free brownie & big ups 2 all the real writers dat kill shit fuck u lame ass pussys dat cant keep yo mouth shut when davis on yo ass and bump jbfers still rocking shit
  7. :D R10R10R10R10R10R10R10R10R10R10R10R10R10R10R10 WERE BACK!!!!!!!
  8. wkt by beast$!D5 salsa, on Flickr
  9. imma role a zip in a vega jus for u topkat:eek:
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