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  1. ha i like it! Not sure we are gonna get many votes on this but what say we rack em up and give it a day or 2, if no one votes lets just pick a new theme and move on?
  2. I already packed my sketchbooks so this had to be a quick photoshop fuck around. Props to mclovin for follow through.
  3. if i have time between packing i will try to get in on this, been too long.
  4. Torch, huge improvements, keep at it!
  5. the name was too long lol, glad somone did it tho. AORAone up next.
  6. well, that aside, your work is messy so thats something you should work on. You say you dont care if its readable but graffiti is letters therefore its based on structure. if you want to draw shapes go somewhere else and dont call it graffiti but if you want to draw letters it would do you well to learn basic structure first and work on crazy shapes later. I have seen so many people that never went through the basics properly to start with and spend years stuck inside the same ugly shapes because they have no basis from which to progress. Did you come here to learn or just to reject feedback? Im not beefing with you, im just not entirely sure what you want to hear.
  7. start with letters that are readable and precise, repeat.
  8. Anyone else have ridiculous trouble with D's?? (ーー;)
  9. Amen to that romero. I dont know the amount of times i have gone back to the simplest structure because my shit feels too toy. Work simples with bars and slowly add flavour when it feels right. There is no substitute for drawing everyday.
  10. CUZE takes it! Any rules for the D? lets get it going.
  11. its all pretty solid except for that U. give it a little breathing room.
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