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  1. When did a pig ever stop a woman from being raped? Or a young kid from shooting up a school? Never. R.I.P. "Ima let you finish but I'm just sayin".
  2. My girl and I only fight when she wakes up and has yet to hit the bong and taken her morning turd.
  3. 12ozprophet crew has been started in the rockstar social club. I tried to post a thread but pffffffft locked it. nobody ever comes in this sticky so i tried to put the word out.
  4. So as many of you may know, Grand Theft Auto 5 is hitting stores September 17th, while Grand Theft Auto Online will be available as a free download(with purchased copy of GTAV of course) on October 1st. Rockstar Games is taking online gaming in a whole new direction and I want to link up with some of you guys and have some fun. I started a 12ozprophet crew on the Rockstar Games Social Club. I am on the PS3 and my PSN is MauriceClemmons. I invite you to sign up and join the crew for some action.
  5. So I would like to start a crew on the rockstar social club so we can all play GTAV online together. Go to rockstargames.com and sign up for the social club. PM me if you are interested in joining a crew with fellow oontzr's. I am Pacific time and my PSN is MauriceClemmons. hit me up yall. two weeks left and a month until the online.
  6. 62 more fucking days until GTAV drops. I personally have been obsessed with the series since I played III back in 2001. The new cod has the potential to be pretty rad but who the fuck cares when you have GTAV... And I watched The Last of Us on youtube and what an incredible masterpiece. I personally have never really been a fan of linear games. Nor have I ever been able to play semi horror games just because when i was a youngster i use to watch my Unc play Resident Evil(the original). I loved it but never could manage the cajones to pick up the sticks. Ever since i have been a pussy when it comes to those zombie games. call it what you want. This kush has me rambling on but I probably won't post for a while because this site is difficult now a days. -psn MauriceClemmons *edit BOPS 2 is a shit sandwich. I can't believe anybody plays that game.
  7. An online GTAV clan for the oontz needs to be made when it drops in September. I don't know how many of you guys played Max Payne 3 online and have already linked up. 84 days left. The new Call Of Duty looks like it might be pretty sick as well. Finally, the last three have been fucking whack. Hopefully this 'Ghosts' title will bring back the days before and leading up to or around Ghost from COD4.
  8. "I'M GOING TO ARUUBA!" -random female pedestrian in GTA III.
  9. Popeyes Chicken with a biscuit and rice and beans. With some Funyons.
  10. Rockstar has officially started the box art for GTAV. Five months left fellas.
  11. Yeah nigga i am good enough but i would prefer to play a solid 5-7 minute round and get a chance to own everyone in the lobby multiple times. And when i say multiple i mean trolling everyone 10+ times.
  12. I know for a fact the Seffiks is fucking lurking. -Since 07
  13. Aye i am down with the COD4 STEVEN but not the S&D. it's a good game but i prefer to always be in the action. If i wanted to watch people play cod i would hang out on youtube. I rush so fuck S&D. And by rush i mean go 45 and 4 on GroundWar.
  14. hahahahaha this thread is fucking ggreeaatt. this nigga really speaks in fucking would be parable. what a douchebag.
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