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  1. When did a pig ever stop a woman from being raped? Or a young kid from shooting up a school? Never. R.I.P. "Ima let you finish but I'm just sayin".
  2. My girl and I only fight when she wakes up and has yet to hit the bong and taken her morning turd.
  3. So as many of you may know, Grand Theft Auto 5 is hitting stores September 17th, while Grand Theft Auto Online will be available as a free download(with purchased copy of GTAV of course) on October 1st. Rockstar Games is taking online gaming in a whole new direction and I want to link up with some of you guys and have some fun. I started a 12ozprophet crew on the Rockstar Games Social Club. I am on the PS3 and my PSN is MauriceClemmons. I invite you to sign up and join the crew for some action.
  4. "I'M GOING TO ARUUBA!" -random female pedestrian in GTA III.
  5. Popeyes Chicken with a biscuit and rice and beans. With some Funyons.
  6. I know for a fact the Seffiks is fucking lurking. -Since 07
  7. hahahahaha this thread is fucking ggreeaatt. this nigga really speaks in fucking would be parable. what a douchebag.
  8. Staring at the new GTAV screenshots like a fucking Playboy centerfold.
  9. I had a Belgian Black IPA at the pub last night and it was called 'Black Ops' Fucking delectable I am telling you. But tonight.
  10. Am i the only person here who thinks that this show has to gone to the shitter and the first season was waaay more of a masterpiece and wayy more fucking intense? I have not watched the last three episodes for that reason. -ex walking dead fanboy
  11. I hate it when my plans don't get canceled.
  12. Vaping with my Volcano, bumping old school Nickatina, editing photos and drinking Czar 7.5%
  13. Scratching my butthole because it itches.
  14. Swear to God i come back here after ages and this nigga finally back. Swear you been gone for atleast three bro.
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