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  1. what if.... Next episode starts off with hank on the toilet. Steaming mad, looking at that book, playing the shit through in his head. He cant control that.....barrels out of the bathroom. And, in an attempt to grip up/break Walts stupid face, knocks Jr and Holly into the pool. They are right by the edge, Walt is right there as well. Doubtful Jr can swim, so he wouldnt be able to help Holly. See, that would be the horrible thing that happens to Holly. Walt has to go into hiding, and comes back 9 months later to retrieve his money and family... what if......
  2. One year after last weeks episode Walt is fuckin bummy and coming from New Hampshire. He has been dissapeared for the better part of a year and is coming back to kill everyone/die... Skyler has his kids and is in witness protection? He comes to kill hank and retrieve family? A stretch. Coming for jesse and mike who cut him out because of his bullshit. Mike has business and jesse can cook on his own or get an assistant. Blonde dude from the exterminator business is shady- Hes the police? Undercover maybe - or just plain shady. Mike is so good all the time.
  3. Hank = functionally retarded manchild with a badge and gun. Not a genius dective. Minerals.
  4. Also, I dont think that Merket had anything to do with Gus. I think that he is seriously bummed out that Gus wasnt who he thought he was. Merket didnt listnen to Hank about it because Hank is a fucking fool. All of his career moves have been windfalls to say the least. He isnt a super cop. He got the nod to go to Mexico on some bullshit. Got there and didnt get blown up because he was busy being a pussy, throwing up about the head on the turtle. Then got shine for not dying. He was getting suspended the day he got shot for beating the piss out of Jesse. So when he came back talking all that crazy "the los pollos guy is a meth kingpin" shit, dude was just like - chill the fuck out homie. Play with your rocks. THEY ARE MINERALS! Just sayin
  5. Gus is the one who called hank to warn him about the twins coming to shoot him. If you go back, Gus didnt want them around at all, and they wanted to kill walt, who at the time was still very important to gus. He wanted him to train gale in the ways of the good cook. Gus called hank so that he would shoot it out and try to kill one or both of the twins. Gus was apart from the cartel, and the twins were part of that cartel. Just sayin
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