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  1. naTRON

    weed heads/kings by trade!

    its cold out. alone on new years eve. but seeing this piece made it worth it. =D motivation. sandwiched between trains n couldn't get the best pic... but its good enuff....
  2. naTRON

    Riding freight across America

    awesome pics!!!
  3. naTRON

    Reefer Madness

    sooooooooo what's it stand for? catch em out my way often...
  4. naTRON

    Reefer Madness

    What's amfm anyway I see their stuff all the time
  5. kerse... saw one of his not to long ago... what's amfm short for?? -noobie evidence i know. upload pictures
  6. naTRON

    TCI- midwest fr8 killers

    ooops... my bad... might've been telling stories.... it was a tight squeeze n at the beginning of the summer.... maybe someone can verify? i guess the style reminded me of the ones i'm seeing.... photo storage image ru image hosting sites
  7. naTRON

    TCI- midwest fr8 killers

    ya those e2e's are dope! i think i have a few TCI pieces on my flash drive... when i get home i'll have to see if i can find em and throw em up here for you guys...
  8. naTRON

    weed heads/kings by trade!

    i usually just browse and keep my mouth shut... but i saw that phone piece a few posts down and realized i just caught that same car this week... only they put some reflectors on it so i couldnt get my pic to come out that great.... lame.... online photo storage photo upload upload photo photo hosting sites upload pictures image hosting sites image hosting sites image ru free picture hosting online photo storage