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  1. Fast food sucks. Period. Nuff said.
  2. Evac

    Youtube toys

    Best. Thread. Ever.
  3. All of my wut was required for this..
  4. Had to put a bandaid on my knee once..
  5. Evac


    Money =/= talent. Who gives a fuck is someone stacks while other scrape?
  6. Cigarettes, weed, beers, a backpack (had to ditch it over a fence, when I came back to get it there was 3 guys there going through it, thought better to leave them to it, only had a scrapcan and 2 markers in it). Never take anything valuable with me, only enough money for a drink or something while I'm on the walk.
  7. Evac

    STICKERS 101

    Hey, I'm an Aussie wondering how I'd go about getting some of these fine-ass UPS stickers? I'm guessing I'm going to have to get them posted somewhere in America, then posted over here, yeah?
  8. Usually don't care as I paint at night. When I do go and paint a legal during the day though I hate people coming up and asking me what I'm doing, if it's legal, is it hard, etc..
  9. Charlotte Hornets M&N The Krew shirt Greywashed jeans Adidas Hi Courts
  10. On My Grind On Mad Gear Off My Guts Original Masterminds Group Over Muppet Gronk Oven Mitts Gang
  11. Evac

    graff songs

    Graff Time - Chali 2na Middle of the Night - Eightball & MJG B-Boy - Crown City Rockers Hursty - Bias B Melbourne Madness - Bias B Really, most Bias B songs are about painting panels, or smoking weed..
  12. No reason to add more charges to the wrap if you get caught. Just utilize your surroundings. Rocks, bricks, bottles.. The other person probably will..
  13. Evac

    Spray Paint

    Greenbag's and milk crates. Nuff said. I've been trying these new(ish) paints here in AUS called NBQ. They aren't too bad, but some colours don't match their wheel very well. Still, nice coverage, and there are some pretty cool colours.
  14. For homemade, nothing beats ink. So easy to make, and it's quite buff resistant. I've tried my hand at making flowpaints, but never seem to get the consistencies correct. Oh well, practice, practice, practice!
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