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  1. I really like how on the Ich and Sigh the double exposure almost only stays on freight, looks cool
  2. Nice bench! Was that Dego flying rival high school colors? Looked nice.
  3. forgot to mention Aunr Orak? Zoroe
  4. Bacon is smooth Wyse ticktocks, knows what time it is That scripty Atomic is nice Cons has bars, Sigh is different.
  5. Afex flowed hard. The bold stuff by Bogus Stoe Hindu PQue Sonar CDC Buket Lost Opaks got softies Thanks
  6. You already know! I wish I could see more Purge.
  7. All that Super Soker is dope! Fresh Ich Morgan Sinek Ower False Farm SYWs Arys Thanks mang
  8. Gets Asic Bozo, Merco Stoe matching scheme cars joined up is dope! Each Obese Gates Honke Ates Intens lots of others too
  9. Lots of goodies and that Polar joint is silly good. little 3d Aunr Migee big 3d Cedar Hindue Thanks!
  10. Leona Sumoe Frost Sworn Ghouls stamped hard Durs is going in Buncha others
  11. lots of nice catches, Kepos? Sak and Shame killed it
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