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Mad Brother

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  1. Mad Brother

    Puerto Rico!!

  2. Mad Brother

    Puerto Rico!!

    Mr. Hyde - Bums (& Necro Uncle Howie) Unik, STASH & MORT clean shit
  3. Mad Brother


    Most people have hard roads to go, but bitchin bout it aint gonna make a difference if u dont have the money u know what to do rack it, go bomb it, dont bitch bout it here, you're just feedin egos
  4. Mad Brother

    Ironlak customer Service

    I like ironlak great for pieces not bombing, the shit with it is the clogs but i use th NY fat that comes with them then the vegan cap, I twice had a problem with the Reload cans beacause the valve malfunctioned and the shit started oozing paint all over the place, it was when the thay came out, i bought some now and didnt have one prob
  5. Mad Brother


    Bump this thread 787 Represent
  6. Mad Brother

    GSC...Puerto Rico

    787 All Day!
  7. Mad Brother

    Art fag destroys a Picasso *destruction league edition

    What do you mean?
  8. Mad Brother

    Rest In Power... CRUDE OIL..

    I saw Oil's throwie for the first time in stickers all over San Juan PR, its a damn shame he passed away, Condolences to the family and Rest In Power
  9. Mad Brother

    Why graffiti ruined my life...

    everybody is off topic
  10. Mad Brother

    Art fag destroys a Picasso *destruction league edition

    Somebody link to the before and after PM me when someone does
  11. Mad Brother

    Why graffiti ruined my life...

    Read the first post and the OP is faggot, lol just went 4chan on 12oz
  12. Mad Brother

    Hobos, Tramps and Homeless Bums

    This thread became pointless
  13. Mad Brother

    The Great Photography Superthread

    Bump This Thread
  14. Mad Brother

    The Klas CTA thread

    Bump Klas