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  1. yuthe and draft is dope! myth cameo is fresh hot tub tony for the win tho.
  2. that ICH on the wildstyle tip and that GREY also those steaks on the grill look pretty good too.
  3. those new b.n.s.f. cars are too nice. chsme!!!
  4. For some reason the picture line up is backwards not how i wanted it. what ever its been a while since ive made a thread and half you people are ungrateful anyways so im over it. enjoy. Music: ...its fast paced but you might not get it if you dont know how to smoke a cigarette in slow motion. That'll do....
  5. This is not how this thread was supposed to come out, for some reason picture line up is backwards. its been a while. what ever fuck it! enjoy! music: That'll do.....
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