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  1. Some one post something. It sucks not living in Santa Cruz and missing out on whats up nowadays. -ObscureOrigin
  2. Drugs crew San Fransico early 90s with ORFN, Sprays, OMG. It is older than you would think. those crews QFK and BKF were the only crews for a while bombing that kind of "anti-style" for a while. Not necessarily a fan of all of it, but it has a little history to it. Jeans and ORFN are amazing bombers for sure.
  3. That Rub is Rubbbbbin n' me !!!
  4. http://www.storenvy.com/obscureorigin
  5. http://www.storenvy.com/obscureorigin
  6. That is really rad, do you have pictures? I want to go to Prague again that place was fucking cool.
  7. Not necessarily, it means less info the cops can use against writters. It sucks for people who just like to look at photos of graff, but Thats just how it is.
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