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  1. DIC3

    Youtube toys

    Lol, this guy always seems to not know what he's talking about: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QfVjeN7fS38&feature=plcp
  2. DIC3

    Toys post here...

    I got my scanner working again, so here's my blockbuster sketch from last week.
  3. Heard this one is now the fastest commercial car. Ferrari F12 Berlinetta
  4. DIC3

    Toys post here...

    Went simpler, and went back to the block technique. Thanks for the advice guys, Still looks pretty bad =/
  5. DIC3

    Toys post here...

    That's really dope man, I'm still a toy also, but I'd recommend making the background of your first piece a little simpler.
  6. The coolest thing I found, was a huge steel tunnel in the middle of a forest, surrounded by a cool rock formation. Just so happens to be a huge tagging spot. Not much of anything else.
  7. DIC3

    Stay High 149

    R.I.P, Stay High 149
  8. Yeah...I'd only do that in my senior years lol
  9. Recently, I noticed my teacher having a wide whiteboard eraser, that sorta looks like an x-tra wide Markwell mop. I suddenly got the idea of turning these erasers into mops. I haven't got any yet to try it out, but the idea's up for grabs. The erasers sorta look like these ones, but much wider.
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