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  1. http://www.wfsb.com/story/22902255/dot-officials-trying-to-stop-911-graffiti-on-bridges-overpasses i aint ever seen this befo... dope [url=http://www.wfsb.com/story/22902255/dot-officials-trying-to-stop-911-graffiti-on-bridges-overpasses][/url]
  2. we had mad peeps on that guy idk we ever found em doe. rampage is the spot except with this kind of weather no shade makes me just scroll up at seaside downtown has some great gems. there's this dope ass spot filth has like right above all the nice characters and shit. walking around there at night is one of a kind. once i was down there and this guy was projecting some movie on a blank building near it, shit was interesting
  3. BUMP THAT NIGGA PEWK I almost was out there today too, damn
  4. I-91, was drivin up to Hartford from Trumbull. funny how I always end up stopping at Sonic's or some other shit fast food joint on my way back down from there saw some cool things I couldnt flick, like a GUE on a tree and a lot of JAS7
  5. word bel ^^ fucker had the speed gun out, saw like 5 in the course of an hour
  6. bump^^^^^^^ still my fav spot in bpt
  7. good looks bel, that fuckin roof is as high up as it looks lmao.. havent been there in a min
  8. yo who has a good highway flick of that namer up on the nest, shit is dope bump mianus ct
  9. bump this whole page, dope shit boys
  10. whats good with some flicks out of bpt bump those kesa
  11. yeah, the kid sniffs paint once and drops dead. the DARE program shows these films, i guess they look for the most shock factor
  12. hahahaha iron maiden instrumentals and crack. they show this video in elementary school, oh the nostalgia they have one about sniffing paint too
  13. jesus a few rustos a mop a shoe skin some tee shirts a fingernail etc.
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