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  1. agreed, one of the best scenes in the show so far. Im halfway through book 4 now and cant wait for the next (book and episode)
  2. That Rek fill is fresh
  3. Utah n Ether doing it big in Asia... And bringing beef to who wants it.. Gotta love real graff
  4. Please ensure all pics posted in thread fall under the terms "Burner" and/or "Style" to meet and exceed the expectations of thread viewers.. A response of "yuck" is a sure sign that the above rule was not followed
  5. Cinco that shits fuego.. Dig ya style man.. That white highlight in the fill came out nice.. Brought it together with a nice character too mayne, good shit
  6. True, it is too hot to function TPBM is craving Chiptole
  7. True,man up Tpbm is a substance abuser
  8. ^^Agreed, I was wondering the same.. not bad structure and composition but I cant make out what it says by any means
  9. False, no driving, True, it is extremely hot and muggy TPBM is swimmin in women with they own condominiums
  10. Wow.. that Dare/Ces baby piece is a jokee.... wheres that at?
  11. ^^^^ loll almost did that.. There's a few funny ones in there.. I don't think he meant to link the whole flickr.. Whoops
  12. false.. TPBM has acquired a vibrant red sunburn on their forehead courtesy of the beautiful weekend
  13. Labrat, nice work.. the bottom two especially...
  14. Back in 88... always dropping quality in here.. much appreicated.. This page straight BURNS... keep em comin.. And these couple courtesy of MEK and the FUA thread...
  15. @dstroyerz, before you start shooting for arrows and extensions, focus on simple letter structure, the width of some of you letter extensions and arrows is inconsistent and makes the structure look weak and sloppy.. the fill should add to the cpmposition of the piece as well, those lines make it look cluttered and confusion.. try a solid color or a color fade for the fill before you get all crazy
  16. @romero, I like the style of that nove, its got nice flow to it.. @torch, I like how that 'Dios' piece came out the best... its got a nice style, nice fill and the 3d shading bars look on point.. id work around that style some more.. In the "Future" piece, your lines get reallllllly shaky and it came out inconsistent, the 1st 'U' is completely cramped and looks completely out of place.. work to try and make all your letters a consistent size throughout the entire word and it will really improve the outcome.. The 3d shading lines in that piece are inconsistent as well.. you want to try and stay tight and clean with those - keep them all going the same direction.. rushing small details like 3D shading can really ruin a piece.. As for the other stuff, im not really sure whats going on.. but keep practicing. Focus on staying consistent throughout your work.. you dont want to do 80% of a piece and get lazy and sloppy on shading and details, it can ruin the work .. something ive learned from experience... when I start to get lazy or want to just finish, that means its time to put down the pen and come back to it tomorrow with a clear head and new focus
  17. true tpbm needs to get their finances in order
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